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Who We Are

'Archon Associates' began as general works contractor under leadership of Mr. J. L. Borawade, a civil engineering professional with more than 2 decades of experience in driving overall project operations. A small entity focussing on all types of building construction projects and maintenance jobs is now being transformed as one of the fastest growing contracting organizations with rich and diverse experience.

It is his passion to drive a change by getting the contsruction and all the allied services under one roof, and to excel in the quality of service by setting a standard which is one level up, which has led to the sterling outcomes. With operations spanning every aspect of the enggineering and construction business and other types of infrastructural projects, Archon Associates has witnessed remarkable achievement through its expertise without any compromise on quality. We are one of the fastest growing contracting organizations with rich and varied experience in executing landmark projects and maintenance with industrial companies and premium construction companies across India.

Our Asset

Our biggest asset is our team. Our team comprises of inhouse associated capabilities for planning and execution of various types of projects, maintenance works and also highly qualified and renowned experts, consultants in the field of management, engineering and architecture. Our team has always been on its toes with a common goal to achieve significant excellence. It is competent enough to handle projects from small scale to a level of turnkey projects backed up with sufficient machinery and resources at their disposal to ensure timely completion of the projects. Highly experienced and professional consultants with good multitasking, time and material management, quick decision making, and at the same time delivering quality execution and performance have been the key factors in completing the projects bang on or before the scheduled time.

Our Values

Our Vision

To be the most preferred Engineering and Construction Company with special focus and emphasis on delivering quality and value added services to our clients.

Our Mission

To provide professional services in the field of engineering and construction adhering to highest quality, at competitive pricing within reasonable time line.

Our Ethos

Every project that we undertake adheres to stringent quality standards and we ensure the completion of all projects in their stipulated time period. (To adhere to the stringent quality standards and to ensure completion of all the projects within stipulated time period)

Our Values


We believe in absolute and uncompromising integrity, which is a foundation for trust, communication and living-up to commitment.


Irrespective of hierarchy, age and gender we support each other for a common goal i.e. to make our company most preferred EPC contractor. We also believe in having utmost respect for each other.


We are committed to highest professionalism. We are determined to deliver outstanding performance so that our relationship with our clients and all business partners will be long lasting & seamless.


We discuss issues, share information and adopt transparent policy, so as to promote openness amongst all our employees. We are open to feedback on our performance, attitude and thrive to improve upon our weaknesses in the interest of the individual and the organization


We believe in carrying out the role and responsibility with positive attitude and unwavering commitment. To uphold honesty and truthfulness in all our dealings and associations and foster trust as the primary objective


Our performance at all levels is key to the success of our organization. We recognize and encourage innovative ways of doing our activities and are open to new suggestions, ideas in the interest of the organization

Our Sucess Partners

Our succes would have been incomplete without a strong support of our associative firms who have always be thriving to their best to provide us with professional support in various aspects ranging from project management, technical and manpower to machinery in order to overcome the bottlenecks existing in the industry. Our success partners include:

  • Alliance Construction

    Earthwork and infrastructure.

  • M/s Design lab Architects India, Thane, Mumbai.

    Architects, Interiors and Project Management consultant

  • M/s Girish Wadhava and Associates Mumbai

    Structural designs and blueprints